For work rides, payment is handled the same way as it always has been between your employer and your car service provider.

For personal rides, we have devised the following rate rules.

The Whisk rate formula for standard rides has been carefully constructed to produce prices within 10-20% of a taxi fare — a small premium for the benefits of instant, fully transparent, door-to-door service.

Prices are calculated using a zone-to-zone model.  The final price consists of a zone starting fare, crossing charges for each additional zone crossed, and surcharges for congestion, stops, and premium ride features.

Base Ride Rates

Minimum Fare
Zone-crossing charge (within borough)

Zone-crossing charge (through bridge or tunnel)

$2.90-10.50 + return tolls when appropriate

Wait Time




$2.00 + wait time

Peak Time



At cost


75¢/min for time exceeding 5 mins in zone


Ride extras

Five Passenger Vehicle (SUV or Van)
1.5 x base rate



Out of zone rates (outside NYC)

$2.75 / minute


Whisk also offers automatic discounted rates in select neighborhoods and zones — beating the comparable taxi fare. In many outer-borough neighborhoods the starting fare can be as low as $6.50 and zone-crossing charge as low as $2.25

Cancellation charges

There is no cancellation charge if you cancel the ride within 3 minutes of a driver being confirmed en-route as long as he has not arrived at the pickup.

If you cancel after three minutes or after the driver arrived the minimum in-zone fare will be charged as a cancellation fee. If you do not cancel and do not show up at the pickup point within 5 minutes of driver arrival — a no-show fee equal to 1.5x the minimum in-zone fare will be charged.

Whisk makes every effort to process cancellation requests in a timely manner. However, please consider that we cannot be responsible for elements outside of our control (e.g. trying to cancel in areas of no coverage or after a smartphone has run out of battery).


Tips can be set through the app upon ride completion at the discretion of the customer. For your convenience, if you do not open the app within 15 minutes after the ride terminates, Whisk adds a default tip of 20%.